Chine Vinyle adhésif imprimable fabricant

Metallic Silver Vinyl, Adhesive Roll Decal Sticker, Glossy

Détails sur le produit:
Place of Origin: China
Nom de marque: K2
Model Number: 1000E

Détail Infomation

Composition: silver plastic film Thickness: 80mic
Release force: 20N Weight: 120g

plastic metallic silver vinyl


adhesive roll metallic silver vinyl


decal sticker glossy permanent vinyl

Description de produit

Metallic silver vinyl, adhesive roll decal sticker, glossy

Product Introduction:
Metallic silver vinyl is a kind of permanent adhesive material for decals or stickers. The metallic silver vinyl roll is an ideal material for decoration both interior and exterior. Because of the press-sensitive waterproof adhesive and environmentally friendly raw materials, metallic silver vinyl is also mostly used as the stickers for the decal. And this silver vinyl can be cut into any shape and stuck on water cups, handbags, tableware, gift packaging, etc. metallic silver vinyl is also anti-rain and anti-UV, and Anti-aging material. So, it is also the best choice for outdoor projects, such as car stickers, mailboxes, windows, etc. metallic silver vinyl can use a craft cutting plotter machine to cut to be any shape which customer wants. If you want to show your great idea with text and graphics, metallic silver vinyl is one of your favorite materials. The metallic silver vinyl is currently available in glossy silver, brushed silver, and matte silver.
Product parameter:

Item No. Name FILM Liner
1000S Glossy metallic silver vinyl roll, self-adhesive 80mic 120g/m²
1000BS Brush metallic silver vinyl sticker material 80mic 120g/m²
1000MS The matte metallic silver vinyl decal material 80mic 120g/m²


Use scenario:

  • The first use of self-adhesive metallic silver vinyl roll is a sticker material. Whether you use a cutting plotter or hand-cutting, metallic silver vinyl is the best material for personalized home decorations and items if you want a cool silver effect, from cups, tableware, doors, windows, flowerpots, mailboxes, and a pen. metallic silver vinyl can meet your cool silver effect needs


    The second use of metallic silver vinyl decal is indoor and outdoor decoration. metallic silver vinyl can be used for decoration of desks, furniture, elevators to be brush silver, bright glossy silver, matte silver, etc.


Product Advantage:

  • The metallic silver adhesive vinyl roll sticker material is very easy to be cut, weeded, and transfer. With metallic silver vinyl, you can make impressive gifts, design your stickers, and decorate your home.
  • The maximum width of metallic silver vinyl is 48 inches, no matter whether it is a small sticker or a large decal, the beautiful size of metallic silver vinyl fits your design needs of various sizes.
  • The metallic silver vinyl uses strong permanent glue, which is very firm in combination with any surface to be pasted and will not fall off.
  • If you use a cut plotter, you will find that metallic silver vinyl is easy to cut
  • The metallic silver vinyl has three types of surfaces to choose from. glossy silver brushed silver and matte silver


Metallic Silver Vinyl, Adhesive Roll Decal Sticker, Glossy 0

metallic silver vinyl


Metallic Silver Vinyl, Adhesive Roll Decal Sticker, Glossy 1

metallic silver vinyl roll


Metallic Silver Vinyl, Adhesive Roll Decal Sticker, Glossy 2

metallic silver vinyl sticker




  • What kind of metallic silver vinyl adhesive type?

This metallic silver vinyl uses permanent glue, anti-water, and eco friendly


  • Can I print the metallic silver vinyl on its surface?

If your printer is UV or Latex, it is no problem. If your printer is eco-solvent, metallic silver vinyl can’t.


  • Can I get the metallic silver vinyl samples for testing in advance?

Yes. We provide samples for test. Please contact


  • Who do I make a connection with the K2 team for this metallic silver vinyl decal roll?

Please send an email to, you will get back to us in 2hours.


  • What is your quality control level?

More than 40 control standards to ensure high quality to customers.

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